John Elliott, LBNL Chief Sustainability Officer: Lessons Learned from UC Merced

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June 15, 2012
John Elliott, Chief Sustainability Officer at Berkeley Lab

June 7, 2012. Achieving a Triple Zero Commitment to Zero Net Energy, Zero Landfill Waste, and Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020.

John will highlight his involvement in sustainability
efforts at UC Merced, particularly with respect to its Triple Zero
Commitment to zero net energy, zero landfill waste, and climate
neutrality by 2020. From a technical perspective, the campus zero net
energy strategy relies primarily on energy efficiency, solar energy,
and plasma gasification, along with various smart grid strategies.
Zero waste efforts currently emphasize composting and control of
purchasing to simplify recycling efforts. Climate neutrality efforts
include plans for greater involvement in energy procurement. The
campus approach generally involves emphasis of a "living laboratory"
to leverage sustainability goals in support of the core research and
teaching mission of the university.

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