Microgrids: Providing Energy Services Locally

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March 25, 2009
Chris Marnay

Two stylized alternative visions of how the power system might evolve to meet future requirements for the high power quality and reliability (PQR) electricity service that modern digital economies demand will be contrasted, a supergrids paradigm and a dispersed paradigm. Some of the economics of the dispersed vision are explored, and perspectives are presented on both the choice of homogeneous universal power quality up-stream in the electricity supply chain and on the extremely heterogeneous requirements of end-use loads. The characteristics of one microgrid paradigm for providing heterogeneous PQR, the CERTS Microgrid, will be described. Microgrid demonstrations in the U.S. and Japan will be highlighted. Finally, analysis of the economics of possible microgrid installations in California and New York states will be explained using some example buildings, including data centers.

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Format: 2017-06-23
Format: 2017-06-23