Automating and Optimizing Demand Response in Commercial Buildings

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January 30, 2008
Mary Ann Piette

This talk describes the concept for and lessons from the development and field-testing of an open, interoperable communications infrastructure to support automating demand response (DR). California utilities have been exploring the use of critical peak pricing (CPP) and other DR pricing and program strategies to help reduce peak day summer time electric loads. Automating DR allows greater levels of participation and improved reliability and repeatability of the demand response and customer facilities. Automated DR systems have been deployed for critical peak pricing and demand bidding and are being designed for real time pricing.

This talk will also explore research concerned with optimizing demand response using real-time energy models, energy use and energy cost data in buildings and the status of energy information management systems that allow facility operators and energy managers to have easy and efficient access to energy information.

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Format: 2017-04-27