i4energy: Why Fluorescent Lighting Isn't Dead

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February 25, 2011
Francis Rubinstein

With all the current buzz about LEDs, one might be tempted to think that fluorescent lighting has already lost the war of the light sources. On the contrary, this seminar's speaker argues that general lighting is poised on the brink of a revolution -- controllable lighting -- which will not only eliminate most of the wasted lighting energy in the Nation, but will also allow controllable fluorescent lighting systems to work in concert with emerging LED luminaires to improve lighting quality and user satisfaction. The seminar will compare the energy and environmental implications of the most efficient light sources and show how hybrid lighting solutions that combine the best of controllable fluorescent and LED sources are the most cost-effective and practical way to move the Nation to the next level of lighting energy efficiency.

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Format: 2017-06-26
Format: 2017-06-26