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Werner Hofer

Director, Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy
University of Liverpool Lectureships in Dept. of Physics and Dept. of Chemistry

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Werner Hofer was born in Salzburg, Austria. He undertook his scientific training in Vienna, at the University of Technology, where he graduated in 1997 in theoretical surface science. He obtained his PhD at the same university in 1999, developing transport simulations for scanning tunneling microscopes. From 1999 until 2002 he worked at University College London on organic-semiconductor interfaces. In 2002 he was appointed to a Lectureship in the Departments of Physics and Chemistry at the University of Liverpool, was promoted to a Readership in 2005, and obtained a Personal Chair, still jointly in both Departments, in 2006. In 2010 he was made Director of the newly established Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, a position he still holds. He has published work in condensed matter theory, theoretical chemistry, transport theory, surface science and on fundamental problems in quantum mechanics with a wide range of international collaborators.