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David Yu

Director of Engineering
Central Engineering Department
Marvell Semiconductor
5488 Marvell Lane
Santa Clara CA 95054

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David Yu is Director of Engineering in Central Engineering, Marvell Semiconductor.  He has been developing communication systems at Marvell for 10 years,  and worked on read channel, Ethernet, Wireless Lan and Bluetooth, and recently Zigbee/IEEE802.15.4. As a design engineer, he accumulated extensive knowledgein digital, analog, and system design. As a system architect, he led the system development of WiFi and Bluetooth combo SoC. In recent years, he let the software, system, and SoC teams to develop next generation wireless and wireline connectivity SoC chips. David received a Ph.D. degree in EE from Stanford University, and is the best paper award recipient of ICC’07.