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The latest on hydrogen, solar, biofuel, geothermal, hydro, and more. (The link to subscribe to their blog's feed is at the left.)

This is an unmoderated e-mail mailing list for the discussion and exchange of information relating to current topics in the energy services industry. Their "Ask AESP E-Mail List" provides an opportunity for sharing thoughts and expertise with others, to help advance "best practices" in this industry, and to network to identify potential opportunities and partnerships.

Building energy simulation programs allow users to estimate the energy use and operating cost of all types of buildings to allow engineers, architects and others in the building design trade to compare alternative designs and select the design that is most cost justified. Since the users of building energy simulation programs are spread across the world, this "BLDG-SIM mailing list" is an attempt to foster the development of a community of those users. Experienced and inexperienced users of building energy simulation programs are welcome and are expected to share their questions and insights about these programs. (Scroll down to see their instructions for subscribing, unsubscribing, and posting your comments.)

After registering and logging in, you can participate in any of their four discussion groups listed at this site: Sustainable Development and Efficient Living, Alternative Energy, Environmental Concerns, and Politics and Current Events.

The Electric Vehicle Discussion List provides a forum for the exchange of information on electric vehicles. Most of the participants are hobbyists who have built, or are building, their own EVs, most often using conventional liquid-fueled vehicles as a base. (Scroll down to see their instructions for subscribing.)

The EnergyVortex site is designed for the exchange of ideas, the connection of buyers and sellers, and for professional career advancement. Receive their "Energy, Power, Facilities/E-Specials Newsletter" by signing up at this website.

This is EcoBusinessLinks' list of blog sites related to environmental concerns. Take your pick from the many sites they list here on topics such as climate change, hybrid cars, alternative or clean energy, biodiesel, renewable energy, etc. is published and maintained by private US citizens in an effort to educate and promote awareness of global hydrocarbon depletion. Read past messages sent in about various oil consumption related topics, or register and post your own comments, or sign up for a variety of other services they offer.

A blog about energy efficiency standards, regulations and other green matters.

News and commentary on the evolving law, science, and policy of renewable energy development. (To sign up, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Subscribe with Bloglines" link, where you'll be instructed to register, etc.)

REPP has been hosting discussion lists since 1994. These lists are a great opportunity to talk with other people from around the world about the issues that matter to you or to learn about issues you are just becoming aware of. Topics to pick from include various bio-energy topics, green building, green power, strawbale construction, and more.

STEAM-LIST is intended for discussion of steam generators, piping and equipment; boilers, boiler feed pumps, water treatment, corrosion and scaling, valves, PRV's, traps, turbines, flow metering, heating coils, condensate pumps, district heating, system modeling, etc. (Follow the instructions provided to subscribe, or learn how to search through their archives.)