Electricity Markets

Researchers in the electricity markets area conduct technical, economic, and policy analysis of energy topics centered on the U.S. electricity sector. Current research seeks to inform public and private decision-making on public-interest issues related to energy efficiency and demand response, renewable energy, electricity resource and transmission planning, electricity reliability and distributed generation resources.

Research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency research focused on portfolio planning and market assessment, design and implementation of a portfolio of energy efficiency programs that achieve various policy objectives, utility sector energy efficiency business models, options for administering energy efficiency programs, evaluation, measurement and verification of energy efficiency impacts, and ESCO industry and market trends and performance.
  • Demand response and Smart Grid research focused on policies and programs, customer response to dynamic pricing, and technical assistance to utilities and Federal and State regulatory agencies on Smart Grid technologies, rate design, and grid reliability.
  • Researchers also conduct public interest research on renewable energy markets, policies, costs, benefits, and performance, with an emphasis on wind and solar power, though much of our work is cross-cutting and applicable to a range of renewable power technologies.
  • LBNL conducts research and provides technical assistance on technical and institutional issues related to transmission planning, as well as issues related to electricity reliability: congestion, technology R&D, metrics and trends, and the economic value for electricity consumers.
  • Scientists perform integrated assessment of distributed energy resource adoption, and analyze drivers, consequences, and barriers to the emergence of a decentralized power system.


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