Renewable Energy

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Techno-Economic Assessment of Integrating 175GW of Renewable Energy into the Indian Grid by 2022 Biblio
Battery electric vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make renewable energy cheaper in India Biblio
Quantifying non-hardware balance of system costs for photovoltaic installations in the United States using a combined annual expenditure-labor hour productivity approach Biblio
An Analysis of the Effects of Photovoltaic Energy Systems on Residential Selling Prices in California Biblio
Implications of geographic diversity for short-term variability and predictability of solar power Biblio
An assessment of the role mass market demand response could play in contributing to the management of variable generation integration issues Biblio
Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems in California: The Effect on Home Sales Prices Biblio
Empirical Analysis of the Variability of Wind Generation in India: Implications for Grid Integration Biblio
Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofs for sustainability and energy efficiency Biblio
IEA Wind Task 26: The Past And Future Cost Of Wind Energy Biblio
Benchmarking Non-Hardware Balance of System (Soft) Costs for U.S. Photovoltaic Systems Using a Data-Driven Analysis from PV Installer Survey Results Biblio
Changes in the Economic Value of Variable Generation at High Penetration Levels: A Pilot Case Study of California Biblio
Implications of Wide-Area Geographic Diversity for Short- Term Variability of Solar Power Biblio
An Analysis of the Effects of Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems on Home Sales Prices in California Biblio