Energy Efficiency

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Impact of Large Scale Energy Efficiency Programs On Consumer Tariffs and Utility Finances in India Biblio
Acting Globally: Potential Carbon Emissions Mitigation Impacts from an International Standards and Labeling Program Biblio
Addressing Water Consumption of Evaporative Coolers with Greywater Biblio
Addressing Water Consumption of Evaporative Coolers with Greywater Biblio
Assessment of Energy Efficiency Improvement and CO<sub>2</sub> Emission Reduction Potentials in India's Cement Industry Biblio
Assessment of Household Carbon Footprint Reduction Potentials Biblio
Bottom-up Representation of Industrial Energy Efficiency Technologies in Integrated Assessment Models for the U.S. Pulp and Paper Sector Biblio
Cooling the Planet: Opportunities for Deployment of Superefficient Room Air Conditioners Biblio
Efficiency Improvement Opportunities for Personal Computer Monitors: Implications for Market Transformation Programs Biblio
Estimating the Energy Use and Efficiency Potential of U.S. Data Centers Biblio
Potential Global Benefits of Improved Ceiling Fan Energy Efficiency Biblio
Training the Next Generation of Energy Efficiency Evaluators Biblio
The Transportation Leapfrog: Using Smart Phones to Collect Driving Data and Model Fuel Economy in India Biblio
Accounting for Innovation in Energy Efficiency Regulation Biblio
Achieved and Potential Energy Savings through Energy Efficient Procurement Biblio
Peak Electricity Impacts of Residential Water Use Biblio
An Exploration of Innovation and Energy Efficiency in an Appliance Industry Biblio
Program Potential: Estimates of Federal Energy Cost Savings from Energy Efficient Procurement Biblio
The Path to Savings: Understanding the Federal Purchase of Energy-Consuming Products Biblio
Who Buys What? Understanding Federal Procurement of Energy Efficient Products Biblio
Energy Efficiency Country Study: Republic of South Africa Biblio
Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofs for sustainability and energy efficiency Biblio
Energy information systems (EIS): Technology costs, benefit, and best practice uses Biblio
Uncertainties in energy consumption introduced by building operations and weather for a medium-size office building Biblio
Uncertainties in energy consumption introduced by building operations and weather for a medium-size office building Biblio
Energy Implications of In-­‐Line Filtration in California Biblio
Monitoring-Based Commissioning: Benchmarking Analysis of 24 University Buildings in California Biblio
Potential for the Use of Energy Savings Performance Contracts to Reduce Energy Consumption and Provide Energy and Cost Savings in Non-Building Applications Biblio
Big-Data for Building Energy Performance: Lessons from Assembling a Very Large National Database of Building Energy Use Biblio
Performance Metrics and Objective Testing Methods for Energy Baseline Modeling Software Biblio
Development of Diagnostic and M&V Agents, and Implementation in an Occupied Office Environment Biblio
A Review of Commercially Available Technologies for Developing Low-Carbon Eco-cities Biblio
Development and Application of a Statistical Methodology to Evaluate the Predictive Accuracy of Building Energy Baseline Models Biblio
Energy and Economic Impacts of U.S. Federal Energy and Water Conservation Standards Adopted From 1987 Through 2014 Biblio
A New Campus Built on Efficiency Biblio
Achieving a Net Zero Energy Retrofit – in a humid, temperate climate – lessons from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Biblio
Random Numbers Generation for Lifecycle-Cost Analysis of Energy Consuming Equipment Biblio
U.S. Experiences in Tackling Energy and Environmental Challenges of Boiler System Biblio
Energy Advisors: Improving Customer Experience and Efficiency Program Outcomes Biblio
Energy Efficiency Indicators and Impact Metrics Biblio
Accelerating the Global Adoption of Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Air Conditioners Biblio
Accelerating the Global Adoption of Climate-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Refrigerators Biblio
Modeling technological change and its impact on energy savings in the U.S. iron and steel sector Biblio
Energy Efficiency Roadmap for Uganda, Making Energy Efficiency Count Biblio
Energy savings opportunities in the global digital television transition Biblio