Least Cost Planning in the Utility Sector: Progress and Challenges

TitleLeast Cost Planning in the Utility Sector: Progress and Challenges
Publication TypeReport
LBNL Report NumberLBL-27130
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsAnderson, Karen, Linda Berry, Joseph H. Eto, Howard S. Geller, Jeffrey P. Harris, Mark D. Levine, Alan K. Meier, Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Carol Sabo, Edward L. Vine, Stephen Wiel, and Cheryl Wodley
EditorsGoldman, Charles A., Eric Hirst, and Florentin Krause
Date Published05/1989
Other NumbersORNL/CON-284
Keywordspower system planning

This study reviews recent progress in least-cost planning throughout the US and identifies the need for additional work in relevant areas. Although this study was commissioned by DOE to help develop DOE funding priorities, the recommendations presented here go far beyond what DOE's budget can afford. We hope that utilities, their research institutes, and other organizations will use this report in setting their priorities for future work on least-cost planning. Based on the detailed assessments presented in this report, we suggest several foci for long-term LCUP efforts nationwide. Because current rate-of-return regulation rewards utilities for increasing short-term sales, perhaps the most important of these topics is the development of financial incentives for utilities (and their shareholders) to implement least-cost plans. 49 refs., 4 figs., 3 tabs.

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