Field Surveys of Office Equipment Operating Patterns

TitleField Surveys of Office Equipment Operating Patterns
Publication TypeJournal Article
LBNL Report NumberLBNL-46930
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWebber, Carrie A., Judy A. Roberson, Richard E. Brown, Christopher T. Payne, Bruce Nordman, and Jonathan G. Koomey
Date Published09/2001
PublisherLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
ISBN NumberLBNL-46930
KeywordsEnduse, Energy End-Use Forecasting, EUF

This paper presents the results of 11 after-hours walk-throughs of offices in the San Francisco CA and Washington D.C. areas. The primary purpose of these walk-throughs was to collect data on turn-off rates for various types of office equipment (computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers, and multifunction products). Each piece of equipment observed was recorded and its power status noted (e.g. on, off, low power). Whenever possible, we also recorded whether power management was enabled on the equipment. The floor area audited was recorded as well, which allowed us to calculate equipment densities. We found that only 44 percent of computers, 32 percent of monitors, and 25 percent of printers were turned off at night. Based on our observations we estimate success rates of 56 percent for monitor power management and 96 percent for enabling of power management on printers.

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