Evaluating and Quantifying the Non-Energy Impacts of Energy Efficiency

TitleEvaluating and Quantifying the Non-Energy Impacts of Energy Efficiency
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSchiller, Steven R., Lisa Skumatz, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Jessica Burdette, and Matt Klucher
Secondary TitleEnergy Efficiency EM&V Webinar Series
Date Published12/2016

Non-energy impacts are those associated with efficiency activities other than direct energy and demand savings. While these impacts can be positive or negative, most are considered benefits (non-energy benefits, or NEBs). Some examples include reduced emissions, comfort and productivity improvements, local economic development, and reduced risk of utility service disruptions or price spikes. There are a number of methods for evaluating and quantifying (EM&V) NEBs and this webinar will provide an introduction to the types of NEBs and NEB categories, recent trends, and present portfolio, program and project level approaches to NEB EM&V. The presenters include experts in this field and two state agency representatives discussing how their states include consideration of NEBs in their efficiency portfolios. Following presentations, speakers will answer questions from the audience.


Link to December 14, 2016 Webinar presentation.

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