China Green Low-Carbon City Index

TitleChina Green Low-Carbon City Index
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsOhshita, Stephanie, Jingjing Zhang, Li Yang, Min Hu, Nina Khanna, David Fridley, Shuang Liu, Ang Li, Miao Sun, and Nan Zhou
Date Published05/2017
KeywordsChina Energy Group, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division, International Energy Department, Low Carbon Eco-Cities, Low Carbon Eco-City Development, Smart and Resilient Cities and Urban Infrastructure.

The main purpose of the new China Green Low-Carbon City Index (CGLCI, or City Index) is to evaluate the status of green and low-carbon development for a large number of Chinese cities.[1] Chinese cities are formulating plans and implementing programs to address national initiatives, especially the national low-carbon pilot program for 36 cities and six provinces.[2] However, there is not yet an established framework for measuring, reporting, or evaluating low-carbon progress across Chinese cities, despite the development of a number of Chinese and international city indicator systems. The new China City Index highlights energy use and carbon emissions of Chinese cities, along with environmental and socio-economic indicators. We selected metrics (indicators) that have data available in China’s statistical system, are commonly used internationally, and reflect Chinese policy goals. (See Table ES-1.) We then benchmarked and ranked Chinese cities in terms of their status and progress, identified potential areas for improvement, and identified top-runners.

[1] By “low-carbon” we mean reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), with a focus on energy-related CO2. The term “carbon” is used as short-hand for these GHGs throughout the report. By “green” we recognize multiple environmental parameters related to urbanization and climate change: air quality, water use, solid waste, transport networks, and urban green space.

[2] In early 2017, China expanded its low-carbon pilot cities program, adding 45 more cities.

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