Buildings Sector Demand-Side Efficiency Technology Summaries

TitleBuildings Sector Demand-Side Efficiency Technology Summaries
Publication TypeReport
LBNL Report NumberLBL-33887
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsKoomey, Jonathan G., Francis X. Johnson, Jennifer E. Schuman, Ellen M. Franconi, Steve E. Greenberg, James D. Lutz, Brent T. Griffith, Dariush K. Arasteh, Celina S. Atkinson, Kristin E. Heinemeier, Yu Joe Huang, Lynn K. Price, Gregory J. Rosenquist, Francis M. Rubinstein, Stephen E. Selkowitz, Haider Taha, and Isaac Turiel
Date Published03/1994
PublisherLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Prepared for the Technology Characterization Database of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
Report NumberUC-000
KeywordsEnduse, Energy End-Use Forecasting, EUF

This report provides descriptions of the following energy efficiency technologies: energy management systems; electronic fluorescent ballasts; compact fluorescent lamps; lighting controls; room air conditioners; high albedo materials, coatings and paints; solar domestic water heaters; heat pump water heaters; energy-efficient motors; adjustable-speed drives; energy-efficient refrigerators; daylight control glazing; insulating glazing; solar control glazing; switchable glazing; tree planting; and advanced insulation. For each technology, the report provides a description of performance characteristics, consumer utility, development status, technology standards, equipment cost, installation, maintenance, conservation programs, and environmental impacts.

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