Automation of Capacity Bidding with an Aggregator Using Open Automated Demand Response

TitleAutomation of Capacity Bidding with an Aggregator Using Open Automated Demand Response
Publication TypeReport
LBNL Report NumberLBNL-4383E
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKiliccote, Sila, and Mary Ann Piette
Date Published10/2008
Other NumbersCEC-500-2008-059
Keywordsancillary services, automated capacity bidding program, automated demand response, demand response, demand response aggregator, OpenADR

This report summarizes San Diego Gas & Electric Company’s collaboration with the Demand Response Research Center to develop and test automation capability for the Capacity Bidding Program in 2007. The report describes the Open Automated Demand Response architecture, summarizes the history of technology development and pilot studies. It also outlines the Capacity Bidding Program and technology being used by an aggregator that participated in this demand response program. Due to delays, the program was not fully operational for summer 2007. However, a test event on October 3, 2007, showed that the project successfully achieved the objective to develop and demonstrate how an open, Web‐based interoperable automated notification system for capacity bidding can be used by aggregators for demand response. The system was effective in initiating a fully automated demand response shed at the aggregated sites. This project also demonstrated how aggregators can integrate their demand response automation systems with San Diego Gas & Electric Company’s Demand Response Automation Server and capacity bidding program.

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