Thomas E. McKone

Tom McKone

Sustainable Energy Systems Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R2002
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 90-2004
(510) 486-6163

Thomas E. McKone, is a senior staff scientist and Deputy for Research Programs in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. At LBNL he leads the Sustainable Energy Systems Group. His research focuses on the development, use, and evaluation of models and data for human-health and ecological risk assessments and the health and environmental impacts of energy, industrial, and agricultural systems. Outside of Berkeley, he has served six years on the EPA Science Advisory Board, has been a member of more than a dozen National Academy of Sciences (NAS) committees, and has been on consultant committees for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Health Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

His specific research interests include:

  • chemical transport and transformation in the environment
  • biotransfer and bioconcentration
  • environmental radioactivity
  • measuring and modeling dermal and inhalation exposures to contaminants in tap water and household dust
  • chemical mass transport at inter-media contacts such as air/water, air/soil, air/vegetation, skin/water, etc.
  • assessing model uncertainty and reliability

This publications database is an ongoing project, and not all Division publications are represented here yet.



Sathre, Roger, Hanna Breunig, Peter H. Larsen, Eric R. Masanet, Thomas E. McKone, Nigel Quinn, and Corinne Scown. "Spatially-explicit impacts of carbon capture and sequestration on water supply and demand." In Eleventh Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration Conference. Pittsburgh, PA, 2012. Download: PDF (2.91 MB)


Scown, Corinne, Arpad Horvath, and Thomas E. McKone. "Water Footprint of U.S. Transportation Fuels." Environmental Science & Technology 45, no. 7 (2011): 2541-2553.