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Saniya LeBlanc

Ph.D. Graduate
Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University

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Saniya LeBlanc recently obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering at Stanford's Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer Laboratory where she was advised by Professor Kenneth E. Goodson.  Saniya's research goals are to utilize nano- and micro-structuring techniques to improve the efficiency of energy systems.  In her latest project, she has developed a cost-performance metric to evaluate state-of-the-art thermoelectric power generation materials. She also characterizes the energy conversion properties of individual nanowires and nanostructured thin films for thermoelectric and photovoltaic applications.  Additionally, Saniya models macro-scale energy systems to identify sources of inefficiency and determine the feasibility of incorporating novel technologies to increase efficiency.  Saniya recently joined Alphabet Energy, a thermoelectric startup based on technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  She works as research scientist creating research, development, and manufacturing characterization solutions for thermoelectric technologies as well as evaluating the potential of new materials. Saniya earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with highest honors from Georgia Institute of Technology. As a Churchill Scholar, she received a Master's of Philosophy in Engineering from Cambridge University where her thesis was in development of a MEMS bimorph actuator. She demonstrated a commitment to educational equity by serving in Teach For America as a high school math and physics teacher in Washington, D.C.  She is also co-founder of the American Society for Engineering Education's Stanford chapter. Saniya has received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, a Sandia National Labs fellowship, and Stanford's Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence fellowship.