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Rajat Gupta

Research Fellow
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England

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Dr Rajat Gupta is a Research Fellow at the Department of Architecture, and a leading member of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development in Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England. Dr Gupta qualified as an Architect in India and London, and has a Masters in Energy Efficient Building and a Doctorate from Oxford Brookes University. He has developed an innovative GIS-based domestic energy, carbon-counting and carbon-reduction model (DECoRuM), the working of which has been widely reported in academic journals, leading exhibitions, conferences and newspapers. DECoRuM is now being further developed as a toolkit for carbon emission reduction planning for use by UK local authorities. Dr Gupta has recently been part of the Oxford Solar Initiative, a project to encourage more people to reduce their carbon emissions resulting in 450 energy efficiency measures and 80 new solar hot water systems in Oxford homes; the EC-funded SHADA project to promote sustainable buildings by creating a web-based sustainable design advisory service; and a Government-funded adaptation project assessing adaptation responses to climate change for new developments in growth areas.Dr Gupta has published widely in this area and has co-authored a book, Closing the loop: benchmarks for sustainable buildings (2004), RIBA publications Ltd. He also developed the Climate Change Action Plan for the City of Oxford in 2005 and is currently writing The Carbon Counting Handbook for Buildings and Cities. He is also an invited co-guest editor for a special issue of Environment and Planning B journal on scenarios, an invited guest editor of special issues of Energy and Buildings journal on Solar Cities, and Building and Environment journal on carbon counting. Dr Gupta has been awarded research grants from the European Commission, Energy Saving Trust, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Education Trust, Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust, British Council and South East Proof of Concept fund. He was co-chair of the Science Forum in the 2nd International Solar Cities Congress held in Oxford on the 3rd-6th April 2006, and is co-chair of a British Council-funded international conference on ‘Sustainable Cities for India' to be held in February 2007 in New Delhi, India. Dr Gupta currently speaks nationally and internationally on the subject of climate change and carbon emission reduction planning in Cities.