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Priya Sreedharan

Sr. Consultant
E3: Energy + Environmental Economics

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Priya Sreedharan recently completed an AAAS fellowship at Environmental Protection Agency and has joined E3: Energy and Environmental Economics as a Senior Consultant. Broadly, her work employs systems analyses tools to address sustainable‑design problems. At the EPA, she researched energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart grid technology issues in the context of climate change.  Previously, Priya was a fellow at the National Academy of Sciences where she researched sustainability impacts of biofuels. She earned PhD and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. In her doctoral research, she developed real-time indoor sensor systems, using Bayesian statistical algorithms, to characterize the uncertainties of acute air‑contaminant releases. During her MS, she developed model based fault detection and diagnostics systems for building cooling systems. She has professional experience that includes design of energy efficient & sustainable mechanical and control systems for data centers and commercial buildings (with Rumsey Engineers), industrial air quality engineering, and power sector reform policy in India. Priya has worked closely with several groups at LBNL over the last decade in a professional context and while completing her graduate research.