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Philipp Rode

Executive Director, LSE Cities Research Center/Urban Aage ( & Ove Arup Foundation Fellow at the Cities Programme)

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Philipp Rode is Executive Director of the LSE Cities research centre and Ove Arup Foundation Fellow at the Cities Programme. He co-convenes the Lent term Studio on City-making: The Politics of Urban Form. As researcher and consultant he is involved in interdisciplinary projects comprising urban governance, transport, city planning and urban design. Rode organized Urban Age conferences in partnership with Deutsche Bank's Alfred Herrhausen Society in New York, Shanghai, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Berlin and Mumbai, bringing together political leaders, city mayors, urban practitioners, private sector representatives and academic experts. He manages the Urban Age research efforts, recently published the report 'Integrated City Making' (2008) and co-edits the programme's newspaper and bulletin. Recent London-focused research includes 'Density and Urban Neighbourhoods in London' (2005) and 'A Framework for Housing in the London Thames Gateway' (2004). He has previously worked on several multidisciplinary research and consultancy projects in New York and Berlin and was awarded the Schinkel Urban Design Prize 2000.