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Pawel Wargocki

Assistant Professor
International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy
DTU Civil Engineering
Technical University of Denmark

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Pawel Wargocki, born in Warszawa (Poland) in 1966. Since 2002 Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark where he teaches and performs research work. Active internationally in ISIAQ (President 2012-2014), ASHRAE (Chair of Environmental Health Committee and Filtration and Air Cleaning Position Document Committee and member of several other technical committees) and ISO, and nationally in DANVAK. Member of Academy of Indoor Air Sciences. He has carried out numerous laboratory and field experiments (involving human subjects) on the effects of indoor air pollution and ventilation on health symptoms, sensory perception of indoor air quality and performance of office work by adults and schoolwork by children. He has experience in numerous measuring techniques and auditing of indoor environmental quality in buildings. Recently involved in the research on the effects of building certification schemes on indoor environmental quality and building occupants, the effects of indoor environment on sleep quality, air cleaning and mechanisms behind the effects of the environment on cognitive performance, as well as the effects of classroom conditions on learning. Published extensively.