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Paul Bannister

Managing Director

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Paul Bannister is Managing Director of Exergy,  a consulting firm active in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.  After getting his PhD in the field of solar thermal power,  he became an energy consultant for Energy Group's predecessor, Univord Energy Limited, concentrating on energy efficiency in buildings.  In his role as manager of Energy Group's research programmes from 1993-1996,  he became recognised as one of New Zealand's leading authorities on commercial building energy efficiency and he played a key role in the development of New Zealand's standard for energy efficiency in large buildings. In 1997, Paul became Managing Director of Exergy Australia, with overall responsibility for the management of the company plus continuing involvement with high level technical consulting and research interests. Paul maintains an active interest in the broader context of energy use in the environment and society, and is also currently teaching a course at Otago University on energy sources and supply. Paul is author of over 50 publications in the field of energy use.