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Nabih Tahan

AIA, & Passive House Building Standards promoter
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Nabih Tahan, AIA, MRIAI, began his career 25 years ago in the Bay Area as a forensic, diagnostic and remedial architect, analyzing and repairing defective buildings. In 1992, he moved to Austria where he developed his own housing projects while learning about and applying green, energy efficiency techniques in design, manufacturing and construction. In 2002, he managed a company which imported modern, prefab component homes from Austria to Ireland. He is now back in California and is seeking to apply this experience to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of homes in the USA. Nabih has just completed remodeling his home in Berkeley according to the Passive House standard. Currently, Nabih is promoting the Passive House standard throughout the Bay Area and is in the process of establishing a home building factory which can design and build high performance buildings.

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