Michael G. Apte

Mike Apte

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R3058
Berkeley CA 94720
(510) 610-4172

This publications database is an ongoing project, and not all Division publications are represented here yet.



Dudley, Junqiao Han, Douglas R. Black, Michael G. Apte, Mary Ann Piette, and Pam M. Berkeley. "Comparison of Demand Response Performance with an EnergyPlus Model in a Low Energy Campus Building." In 2010 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Pacific Grove, CA, 2010. Download: PDF (233.2 KB)
Singer, Brett C., William W. Delp, and Michael G. Apte. Experimental Evaluation of Installed Cooking Exhaust Fan Performance. Berkeley: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2010. Download: PDF (4.14 MB)
Narayanan, Satish, Michael G. Apte, Philip Haves, Mary Ann Piette, and John Elliott. Systems Approach to Energy Efficient Building Operation: Case Studies and Lessons Learned in a University Campus In 2010 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Asilomar, California, USA: Omnipress, 2010.


Destaillats, Hugo, Michael G. Apte, and William J. Fisk. Are ventilation filters degrading indoor air quality in California classrooms?. Berkeley, CA: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2009. Download: