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Harry Sim

Cypress Envirosystems
198 Champion Court
San Jose CA 95134

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Harry Sim is the Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Envirosystems. He has a passion for improving efficiency at existing facilities. Prior to Cypress, Harry was a VP at Honeywell where he worked with older buildings and industrial plants including chemical, pulp and paper, co-generation, pharmaceutical etc. He has lived and worked extensively in Europe and Asia which gives him a perspective on best practices globally. Harry holds degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Insead in France. He is Six-Sigma Black Belt certified, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. ==================== Cypress Envirosystems provides innovative technologies to retrofit existing facilities for energy efficiency, energy audits, auto-demand response, ongoing commissioning and lower maintenance costs. This includes retrofit solutions for HVAC pneumatic controls and lighting controls for buildings, and instrumentation for steam traps, compressed air systems and rotating equipment for laboratories and industrial plants. Our technologies are 60-80% lower cost than conventional solutions, take minutes to install without disrupting occupants, and delivers investment payback in 18 months or less (with proven case studies). Our customers include numerous universities and Fortune 500 companies. Visit us at www.CypressEnvirosystems.com