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Greg Bollella

Director of Strategy for Real-Time Java
Sun Microsystems

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Dr. Greg Bollella, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Strategy for Real-Time Java at Sun Microsystems, has been interested in algorithms and software architectures that support the deterministic execution of logic within general-purpose operating systems and virtual machines since 1992. While a Senior Architect at IBM, he was fundamental to the industry effort which led to the creation of the Java Community Process and established JSR-01, the first activity under the JCP. Greg led the JSR-01 Expert Group which defined the Real-Time Specification for Java. During his work on the Golden Gate project at Sun, he concurrently held a position for four years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at the California Institute of Technology, as Distinguished Visiting Scientist. Within the Software organization at Sun, Greg leads the engineering effort of the "Sun Java Real-Time System", a product implementation of JSR-01, leads the definition of Suns real-time Java strategy, recently started the BlueWonder project which will produce the first Sun system, based on Solaris 10 and Java RTS, for industrial control, and works closely with customers on software architectures and systems design utilizing the features and capabilities of Java RTS.Greg holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His dissertation research is in real-time scheduling theory and real-time systems implementation and outlines an architecture and defines fundamental issues for supporting real-time applications within general-purpose operating systems and language runtimes.