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Forrest Fencl

P.O. Box 800370
Santa Clarita CA 91380-0370

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Forrest Fencl began his HVACR career in R&D and engineering. In 1995 he launched Steril-Aire where he fashioned today's methods of applying of UVC energy for the HVACR industry. He was instrumental in ASHRAE's new UV-C Chapter 16, in the 2008 HVAC Systems & Equipment handbook. He authored or co-authored seventeen UV patents, numerous papers and articles from bio-remediation of microbe related poor IAQ, to microbial issues in food and pharmaceutical product processing, and to bio-warfare agent protection with Homeland Security. He is a Member and Distinguished Lecturer for ASHRAE, a member of the International Ultraviolet Association and the Illumination Engineering Society, and serves on many relevant technical committees.