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David Zilberman

Dept. of Agriculture & Resource Economics
UC Berkeley

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Prof. David Zilberman has been teaching in UC Berkeley since 1979, right after his obtaining a Ph.D. degree from Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at UCB. David initiated the research on the economics of water conservation and his research was instrumental in analyzing water quality standards and introducing water trading in California in the 1990s. David has been a many-time recipient of awards from American Agricultural Economic Association (AAEA) for his outstanding academic accomplishment and unique contributions to the field. He also received the UNESCO Water and Economics Cannes Prize in 2001. David has been recently (2004) nominated for the Clarke Prize of the National Water Research Institute by the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, in recognition of his distinguished research and mentorship role in the area of the water economics in agriculture and the environment. David is Co-Director of the Center for Sustainable Resource Development at UC Berkeley. He is also the Director of Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.