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David Jump


This speaker was a visiting speaker who delivered a talk or talks on the date(s) shown at the links below. This speaker is not otherwise associated with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, unless specifically identified as a Berkeley Lab staff member.

David Jump has over eighteen years of experience in the energy-engineering field. As a principal of QuEST, David has developed and led QuEST’s practices areas in existing building commissioning, energy auditing, and measurement and verification of energy savings. He is experienced with data acquisition systems, performance monitoring of facilities, and with many analysis techniques and tools. His engineering teams have achieved recognition for best practices in EBCx projects. Dr. Jump has authored practical guidelines for conducting M&V in EBCx and other projects, and directs a team to develop M&V tools. He is the current chair of the Efficiency Valuation Organization’s IPMVP Committee, which maintains and promotes industry standards for verifying savings in energy efficiency projects. He is also active in ASHRAE and serves on the California Commissioning Collaborative’s Advisory Board.