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Conor Laver

Vice President
EnergyScore Cards (and Bright Power)

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Conor Laver is a Vice President at EnergyScoreCards and Bright Power. Bright Power is a New York based energy solutions firm with a focus on energy efficiency and solar design which has been heavily involved in the multi-family housing sector in New York and nationwide, for the last 9 years. Bright Power provides a wide range of energy services to property managers, state housing authorities and utilities. Conor has a PhD in Astrophysics from U.C. Berkeley and joined Bright Power four and a half years ago. During that time his main focus has been as the Product and Division Manager for EnergyScoreCards which is an online building energy benchmarking platform. For the last three years he has also managed the benchmarking wing of BrightPower which has helped local property managers benchmark over a 1000 large multifamily and commercial buildings in compliance with New York City's Local Law 84.