Christian Kohler

Christian Kohler

Windows and Envelope Materials
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R3111
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 90-3100
(510) 486-5040

Christian Kohler is a researcher at the Windows and Daylighting Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. For nearly 20 years he has been involved in all aspects of software development for various tools (THERM, WINDOW, Optics5) and the development of highly insulating and dynamic windows. His activities include algorithm development, user support, training, developing embedded controllers and experimental work on highly insulating and dynamic windows. Prior to that he was working at the LBNL Infrared Thermography research facility. He received his Masters degree in Building Physics in 1997 from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

This publications database is an ongoing project, and not all Division publications are represented here yet.




Kohler, Christian. "Simulation of complex glazing products; from optical data measurements to model based predictive controls." In 2012 Building Enclosure Science and Technology (BEST3) Conference. Atlanta, GA, 2012. Download: PDF (1014.56 KB)



Gustavsen, Arlid, Goce Talev, Dariush K. Arasteh, Howdy Goudey, Christian Kohler, Sivert Uvsløkk, and Bjørn Petter Jelle. "Experimental and Numerical Examination of the Thermal Transmittance of High Performance Window Frames." In Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings XI International Conference, December 5-9, 2010. Clearwater Beach, FL, 2010. Download: PDF (574.77 KB)



Arasteh, Dariush K., Howdy Goudey, and Christian Kohler. "Highly Insulating Glazing Systems using Non-Structural Center Glazing Layers." In 2008 Annual ASHRAE Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT, 2008. Download: PDF (840.97 KB)


Drumheller, S. Craig, Christian Kohler, and Stefanie Minen. "Field Evaluation of Low-E Storm Windows." In Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings X International Conference, 228-236. Vol. 277. Clearwater Beach, FL, 2007. Download: PDF (394.83 KB)

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