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Azam Khan

Environment & Ergonomics Research Group
Autodesk ResearchEnvironment & Ergonomics Research Group
(416) 874-8231
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Azam Khan is the Head of the Environment & Ergonomics Research Group at Autodesk Research. Starting in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, Azam focused on advanced 3D camera navigation interaction techniques, large displays, and pen-based interaction and has been chair of alt.chi.More recently, Azam has been exploring modeling and simulation including physics-based generative design, air flow and occupant flow in an architectural context, and simulation visualization and validation based on sensor-networks. In 2009, Azam founded and chaired SimAUD, the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design to foster cross-pollination between the simulation research and the architecture research communities.(Read more at:  http://www.autodeskresearch.com/people/azam)