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Research Highlights

Research Highlights

Berkeley Lab Researchers Share in 2013 Supercomputing Award

International Supercomputing Conference

In June, at the International Scientific Computing Conference in Leipzig, Germany, the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing bestowed its 2013 Gauss Award to a paper titled "TUE, A New Energy-Efficiency Metric Applied at ORNL's Jaguar." Authors of the paper included Environmental Energy Technologies Division researchers William Tschudi and Henry Coles, along with other Members of the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group (EE HPC WG): Michael K. Patterson (Intel), Stephen W. Poole, Chung-Hsing Hsu, and Don Maxwell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), David J. Martinez (Sandia National Laboratories), and Natalie Bates (EE HPC WG). The award is presented each year for the most outstanding paper in the field of scalable supercomputing.

The EE HPC WG was conceived of and is led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to promote energy-efficient green computing best practices.

The paper is available for download.

Building4Change Names EETD Researcher a 2013 Star of Building Science

Portrait of Stephen Selkowitz

Stephen Selkowitz of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division is one of 13 people who have been named a Star of Building Science for 2013 by Building4change, a website that addresses sustainability, innovation, and best practices in the built environment. Selkowitz, who also headed EETD's former Building Technologies Department for many years, was cited as an "internationally recognised expert in window technologies, fašade systems, and daylighting." Descriptions of all 13 individuals who constitute Building4change's 2013 Virtual Academy of Excellence can be seen on their website.

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