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CalCharge Provides Energy Storage Companies with Access to Streamlined, Cost-Effective Research

For nearly two years, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has worked with CalCEF and other key partners to launch CalCharge—a public-private partnership designed to accelerate the development, commercialization, and adoption of new energy storage technologies for the consumer, transportation, and grid markets. Through the use of an innovative, streamlined Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), emerging and established companies, academic and research institutions, government agencies, and other key stakeholders will be able to conduct research with Berkeley Lab much more easily. This streamlined approach is designed to increase the sector's growth and spur the creation of advanced manufacturing capacity and processes.

CalCharge logo

With nearly 100 battery and electrochemical storage companies in the state, California boasts one of the largest, most dynamic clusters of energy storage companies in the United States. Berkeley Lab and CalCEF conducted extensive research from 2011 to 2013 to identify and develop solutions to research gaps that impair product development in this sector. This work consisted of both general market analysis and direct engagement with and feedback from a broad cross-section of stakeholders. Based on that research and input, Berkeley Lab and CalCEF developed CalCharge to help California's energy storage companies benefit from cost-effective access to the state's world-class research and testing facilities.

To generate a thriving California energy storage cluster that drives industry and market growth globally, CalCharge is offering four programs:

  • Technology Assessment and Acceleration
  • Professional Development
  • Pre-Commercialization Support
  • Ecosystem Facilitation

These programs will help companies forge strategic relationships that will better leverage existing resources and dramatically expand access to California's array of world-class research and testing facilities found in the national labs, universities, and other organizations.

Through the CRADA, member companies will be able to access services, facilities and personnel at Berkeley Lab significantly faster, and at a lower expected cost, than they could through traditional bilaterally negotiated contracts. The CRADA is expected to become a national model for industry engagement with national laboratories. It will enable CalCharge members to:


  • Develop and commence a collaborative research project in a fraction of the time required to negotiate an individual company CRADA.
  • Design smaller-scale projects than would be cost effective through an individual company CRADA.
  • Divide larger projects into tiered stages that can be conducted in rapid sequence.
  • Designate intellectual property generated during the project as Protected CRADA information and prevent its public disclosure and publication.
  • Obtain an exclusive license and/or title to any subject inventions developed during the cooperative research project.

The core group of institutional and major corporate members and the first emerging company members will soon be announced.

To learn more about CalCharge and to request membership information when it becomes available, please email membership@calcharge.org.

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