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Ashok Gadgil Named New EETD Director

Ashok Gadgil

Ashok Gadgil has been named Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (Berkeley Lab's) Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD). Serving as the Acting Division Director since October, he replaces Arun Majumdar who is now Director of the DOE's Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E). Gadgil is a Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley and joined EETD in 1988. He is recognized for his work as a researcher, inventor, and humanitarian.

Dr. Gadgil has substantial experience in technical, economic, and policy research on energy efficiency and its implementation—particularly in developing countries. Among his several patents and inventions are the "UV Waterworks"—an effective, inexpensive technology to disinfect drinking water to reduce life-threatening diseases in developing countries, and the Berkeley-Darfur cook stove for safer indoor use in Darfur, Sudan. His research interests also include experimental and modeling research in indoor airflow and pollutant transports. He serves on several international and national advisory committees dealing with energy efficiency, invention and innovation, and development and environmental issues.

In announcing the appointment, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Director Paul Alivisatos wrote, "As Division Director, Gadgil's leadership on energy and environmental research and his projects bringing solutions to the developing world will continue to align the division well with Berkeley Lab's energy and environmental initiatives. Please join me in congratulating Ashok and in wishing him well in this important leadership position."

—Allan Chen

Additional information:

View Gadgil's home page.

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