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Research Highlights

EETD's New Website

Screenshot of the new EETD website

The Environmental Energy Technologies Division has a brand-new website with an updated look and content and easy navigation. New sections of the site are addressed to consumers, news media, professionals in energy efficiency and environmental science, and students and teachers. The site has updated news, descriptions of the division's research, contact information, and easy access to the EETD News archives.

EETD has been a leader in establishing a presence on the World Wide Web. The division's first site, developed in 1994, is thought to be one of the first hundred sites on the web. The site that was just retired was state of the art for its time-1998, the Web's "age of dinosaurs."

If you have suggestions for improving the site, please email:

Fan Filter Unit Test Method

Dr. Tengfang (Tim) Xu of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division is using the first-ever standard laboratory test method, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), to characterize performance of 2 x 4-foot (61 x 122 cm) fan filter units (FFUs) currently on the market.

The FFU energy and airflow test method quantifies total pressure efficiency and power consumption across a range of operable conditions, defined in terms of actual airflow rates (or velocity) and pressure loss throughout the fan recirculation system.

Using this extensively peer-reviewed method, Berkeley Lab has tested 17 different FFUs from manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and North America. Numerous anonymous industry participants donated the units for the testing.

Berkeley Lab researchers found huge variations in efficiency among the units. Researchers quantified a factor of three or more variations in energy efficiency levels from unit to unit for a given operating condition.

—Julia Alter

Berkeley Lab Fume Hood is Licensed for Manufacture

Esco Micro Pte Ltd. has recently concluded an exclusive license to design, manufacture, and sell energy-efficient laboratory fume hoods that are based on the Berkeley Hood developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The technology, invented by researchers in the Facilities and Environmental Energy Technologies Divisions, could save up to 75 percent of energy used by traditional hoods and reduce the need for expensive control systems.

For more information, contact:

  • Geoffrey Bell
  • (510) 486-4626; Fax (510) 486-5394

ESCO Berkeley™ Fume Hood

High-Tech News: News From the Hood

The Berkeley Hood

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