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Research Highlights

Contamination Control Technology

Environmental Energies Technology Division staff member Dr. Tengfang (Tim) Xu was quoted recently in CleanRooms Magazine as saying, "Broader participation is needed within contamination-control industry to aid in the process of developing recommended practices (RPs). In addition to professionals, we're looking for people representative of the entire user community including pharmaceuticals, biotech, semiconductor, as well as healthcare facilities."

Xu, technical vice president of the Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology (IEST) Contamination Control Division, sees healthcare facility requirements, in particular, as an area that is underexplored, and he encourages both current IEST members and anyone considering joining the association to become active in working group meetings and in helping to develop the RPs.

Since being elected to the IEST post in July 2004, Xu says he's given particular attention to the need to expand and facilitate the RP development process. "Sometimes the process has tended to be slow, in some cases taking a decade or more to develop a document. The goal is to establish a routine of bringing revised RP versions forward every three years." Anyone interested in joining an IEST working group or obtaining more information about IEST can visit the organization's website.

— Julia Alter

For more information, contact:

  • Tim Xu
  • (510) 486-7810

Traffic Physics

The physics of traffic safety is the subject of an article in the January 2006 issue of Physics Today. Authored by Tom Wenzel of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division along with Marc Ross and Deena Patel of the University of Michigan Physics Department, "Vehicle Design and the Physics of Traffic Safety" examines how cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles might be re-engineered to share the road safely with other vehicles.

Benner Award goes to Mary Ann Piette

At the 8th Annual Benner Awards in San Francisco this spring, The National Conference on Building Commissioning presented the Benner Award to Mary Ann Piette, Staff Scientist and Deputy Leader of EETD's Commercial Building Systems Group, and the Research Director of the Demand Response Research Center. The Benner Award (named in memory of Nancy Benner), recognizes outstanding achievement in making building commissioning "business as usual." Benner Award recipients are selected by a committee of national experts on building commissioning from both the public and private sector.

EETD, Jordanians Sign Energy MOU

Image of EETD's Mark Levine with Malek Kabariti, president of Jordan's National Energy Research Center

The Environmental Energy Technologies Division hosted an official delegation of Jordanian energy leaders at the request of the State Department in April. The four-person delegation met with researchers to discuss energy efficiency standards and labeling programs, water, demand response, cool color roof technology, and industrial energy efficiency. They toured the Advanced Windows Test Facility and the Advanced Light Source. Pictured left, Division Director Mark Levine (right), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Malek Kabariti, president of Jordan's National Energy Research Center, to explore cooperative research and training programs in energy and water efficiency.

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