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United Nations World Environment Day June 1-5, 2005

The United Nations' World Environment Day 2005 took place in San Francisco. Actually a set of related events held over five days (June 1 to 5), WED 2005 brought together mayors from all over the world-about 60 in all-in summit meetings to discuss how they could address urban environmental problems.

On June 1st, California Governor Schwarzenegger held a press conference in San Francisco City Hall where he announced an executive order reducing California's greenhouse gas emissions. Just prior to his news conference, the Governor viewed displays of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies in City Hall's South Light Hall, accompanied, among others, by University of California President Robert Dynes, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgenau, and Berkeley Lab Director Steven Chu.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and LBNL scientist Ronnen Levinson

Figure 1. California's Governor Schwarzenegger listens to EETD's Ronnen Levinson describe Cool Colors Project research, an effort to develop solar-reflective roofing materials.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shaking hands with LBNL scientist Francis Rubinstein

Figure 2. EETD's Francis Rubinstein demonstrates for the Governor an automated system for controlling lighting in commercial buildings.

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