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Research Highlights

International Energy Program Evaluation Conference logo

Edward Vine Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) has given its 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award to Edward Vine of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD). The award, presented to Vine in Seattle, honors "a member of the evaluation community who has consistently provided significant contributions to the energy services evaluation field." Only seven individuals have received this award since 1989. Vine has been involved in energy-efficiency program evaluation and technology-performance measurement at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) for more than 20 years.

McKone Receives Mehlman Award

International Society of Exposure Analysis (ISEA) logo

The International Society of Exposure Analysis (ISEA) has chosen Thomas E. McKone to receive the 2003 Constance L. Mehlman Award, recognizing his "contributions in exposure analysis research that provided new approaches for the reduction or prevention of exposures and that helped shape national and state policies."

McKone is a Senior Staff Scientist in EETD and Deputy Department Head of EETD's Indoor Environment Department as well as an Adjunct Professor and Researcher with the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. McKone and his research group developed CalTOX, a model first used by the California Environmental Protection Agency to assess the "multimedia" risk of hazardous waste and air pollutants-the health risks posed by pollutants in the media of air, water, and soil. CalTOX has been widely used by government agencies in the U.S. and Europe, particularly to assess the behavior of persistent pollutants and develop life-cycle impact assessments of pollutants.

In 2000, former Indoor Environment Department Head Joan Daisey received the Mehlman award posthumously for her contributions to the field. ISEA now annually gives out a Joan M. Daisey Outstanding Young Scientist Award "to recognize outstanding contributions to the science of human exposure analysis by a young scientist."

For more information on CalTOX, see:http://eetd.lbl.gov/ied/era/

William Golove Receives Presidential Award

William Golove, right, receiving his award.

William Golove of EETD has won a 2003 Presidential award for Leadership in Energy Management. Golove was part of a team that developed the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Pacific Area Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP). The award honors federal employees for leadership in promoting and improving federal energy management as directed by Executive Order 13123. Other members of the award-winning team are Ray A. Levinson, Rey Pulido, Conrad Saltenberger, and Joe Vanden Berg of the USPS. Five teams received awards this year.

During the next few years, it is expected that the plan developed by Golove's team will reduce the USPS's electricity use and environmental impact and save the service millions of dollars in energy costs. In addition to creating the SEMP, the team developed a database that collects energy-use information at 75 sites, which accounts for 80 percent of the USPS's Pacific Area consumption. This information helps managers identify the best sites for energy-efficiency retrofits. In FY2003, the Pacific Area awarded $3 million in retrofit contracts.

The USPS anticipates that it will award approximately $70 million under Shared Energy Savings performance contracts, which pays energy-services contractors for energy-efficiency improvements that result in savings on the service's energy bill. It is estimated that savings from these contracts will amount to 7 to 10 gigawatt-hours per year, roughly the energy use of 1,000 houses in the Pacific region.

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