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News from the D.C. Office

U.S. Capitol Building

The Lab's Washington D.C. Project Office has recently added new EETD staff and made steady progress on several projects underway with Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency sponsorship.

New England-based partners and allies of EPA's EnergyStar® Homes Program have been receiving visits from EETD. The D.C. Project Office's Don Mauritz reports that the small scale and conservative nature of that region's homebuilding industry has made it a challenge to achieve market recognition for the program, but that momentum is building because of strong support from several utility consortia, including Vermont STAR and the New England Utility Consortium of eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

An EETD team is leading a Motor Challenge Program delegation to South Africa in March that will include DOE's Paul Scheihing and Don Casada of Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). Aimee McKane and Riyaz Papar will conduct a two-and-a-half-day workshop on industrial motor system efficiency at the invitation of the South African Department of Minerals and Energy. As a result of a similar trip to Beijing last May, Aimee is also helping DOE organize a two-week study tour by representatives of the China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation. The visit will include training in energy-efficient motor systems at the Lab's Washington Office and at ORNL, along with several plant tours. Finally, the Compressed Air Challenge announced by DOE last year, aimed at saving energy and reducing costs through the application of best practices for compressed air systems, is holding its first five training workshops at various locations around the country in February and March. For more information, see Compressed Air Challenge web site.

Two Project Office staffers are conducting interviews with large companies and small business owners to gain a better understanding of how these commercial customers view their own energy consumption and costs and their perceived ability to affect them. In contrast to the stock assumption that "more information is better," Chris Payne and Annette Hanada hope to find out what comparative information on energy use would most likely motivate and empower commercial customers to reduce their energy consumption. The interviews are scheduled in selected cities and regions, including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Hanada is a doctoral candidate at George Mason University.

Project Office staff have had some success in distributing the DOE-sponsored Product Energy Efficiency Recommendations for federal purchasing. Staffer Phil Coleman has introduced the document to an interagency effort to harmonize the Guide Specifications used by most federal agencies for new construction and major building-renovation projects. These specifications are commonly incorporated by architects and engineers into design and construction bid documents. Use of the DOE efficiency recommendations will be a major departure from past practice based on minimum allowable efficiency standards such as ASHRAE 90.1.

New Staff

EnergyStar logo

Building DOE partnerships with energy-intensive industries in order to increase their energy-efficiency is the work of Riyaz Papar, a registered professional engineer. He joined Aimee McKane's team in May to help support the DOE Office of Industrial Technologies' Motor Challenge Program. Riyaz will also work on similar efforts in China, South Africa, and other countries.

Now assisting EPA in the evaluating and developing the EnergyStar® labeling program for consumer electronics and Home Improvement Program is Marla Sanchez.

Another new staffer, Michelle Ware, recently joined the D.C. Office staff from the American Refrigeration Institute. Michelle works with Phil Coleman in support of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) "Procurement Challenge" project.

— Ned Raynolds

For more information, contact:

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • 901 D Street, SW, Suite 950
  • Washington, D.C. 20024
  • (202) 484-0880; (202) 484-0888 fax

This research is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energys Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs, Office of Industrial Technologies, Federal Energy Management Program, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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