CBS Newsletter
Summer 1996
pg. 8

A-Team Report

The Native American Renewable Energy Education Project

NAREEP is a DOE-funded joint project of Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley that provides technical assistance to Native American reservations in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Its purpose is to respond to the desire of Native Americans for cost-effective, culturally appropriate, environmentally benign energy services for tribal community needs and economic development. NAREEP's ultimate goal is to help tribal communities control their own energy future. To support this goal, the Applications Team, working with the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley, is leading efforts to develop the information base and to transfer the relevent technology. NAREEP's research agenda is directed toward producing the following products, scheduled for completion in the fall and winter of 1996:

Partnering with the General Services Administration, the A-Team plans to hold several workshops on EE/RE issues and project development for tribes in different regions of the country. The first is expected in Fall/Winter in New Mexico, in cooperation with that state's energy office.

—John Busch

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Energy Analysis Program
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