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Winter 1996
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A-Team Report

Measurement and Verification: The Accounting System for Energy-Efficiency Engineering

Measurement and verification is the accounting system for energy-efficiency engineering. With two full-time employees working on M&V issues as well as subcontracts with experts in specific techniques, the Applications Team is helping advance M&V practices. Its current activities include field monitoring projects, M&V management of a large General Services Administration retrofit project, and playing a lead role in developing standard protocols. The major clients for this work includes DOE (the In-House Energy Management Program, Federal Energy Management Program, the Office of Building Technologies), GSA, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Park Service.

The M&V field work serves several purposes. Monitoring can be used during the audit process to identify and quantify energy conservation opportunities and to help create baselines for energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs). M&V is essential in establishing the basis of payment for ESPCs.

The goals of recent A-Team projects were to create baselines of electricity and gas usage at the Presidio in San Francisco and an FAA air traffic control center and to complete a survey of energy use at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi.

Overall M&V management is the task at GSA's Phillip Burton Federal Building in downtown San Francisco. This far-reaching project will showcase the first installation of a BACNET-compatible Energy Management and Control System. M&V will be used to quantify the effectiveness of the retrofits and the BACNET protocols.

Finally, the A-Team is leading the development of two protocols that will standardize the language and procedures of M&V. The National Energy Monitoring and Verification Protocol (NEMVP) will be the first national M&V protocol developed as a consensus document. A related federal M&V document is specifically tailored to meet the needs of federal agencies and is compatible with the NEMVP document. Both documents will be released in late fall 1996. In addition, the A-Team is contributing to the efforts led by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers to develop an M&V standard, ASHRAE GPC 14P, "Measurement of Energy and Demand Savings."

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Steve "Jack" Kromer
The Applications Team
(510) 486-4626; (510) 486-5394 fax

This work is supported by the Federal Energy Management Program.

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