CBS Newsletter
Fall 1995
pg. 7

Energy Currents

Survey Result

Our thanks to all of you who responded to our reader survey. We were pleased that many of you find this a useful publication. Your opinions will help us improve it further.

The CBS News' readers include a variety of professions. 17% of respondents were consultants, 15% were engineers, 11% were teachers, 11% were scientists, 10% were program managers. The remainder included contractors, designers, marketing professionals policy analysts, journalists and others. Ranked according to highest response first, the majority of readers work in education, various levels of government, utilities, non-profit organizations, and a variety of private concerns.

A surprisingly large number, 52% of the respondents, are Internet users and 23% have browsed the World Wide Web. 8% have browsed the Center's Web site (and we invite more of you to do the same). 28% have contacted the Center about its work.

82% felt that the level of writing is "just right," and 81% felt the same about article length. 95% found the graphics to be "very clear," or "moderately clear." 80% of survey respondents have saved issues or articles. We continue to welcome your comments and suggestions.


Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, former director of the Center for Building Science, and now Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOE, was honored for his contributions to energy efficiency along with two others at a Washington D.C. awards dinner of the Alliance to Save Energy in June. The Alliance was formed by Senators Charles Percy and Hubert Humphrey in 1977 to bring together the public and private sectors for the purpose of promoting cost-effective energy efficiency. The other honorees were Senator Mark Hatfield and the 3M Corporation.

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