CBS Newsletter
Summer 1994
pg. 11

A World Wide Web Update

The Center for Building Science now has a World Wide Web homepage accessible from the general LBL homepage. Through WWW and the Mosaic browser, Internet users can access LBL's hypertext documents, gopher databases, library catalog, publications list, and Quicktime movies. All that's required is a networked computer (Mac, PC, or UNIX) running Mosaic. To access the general LBL server from the Mosaic application, use the "Open URL" command in the "File" menu. Enter " in the dialog box.

Follow the page's Web "links" by clicking on them. First click on the "Scientific Programs at LBL" link to bring up a list of divisions and programs at LBL, including the "Energy & Environment Division." Clicking on "E&E" will bring up its page, which includes the "Center for Building Science" link. From the Center's homepage, users can view, save, and print text and graphics describing ongoing projects at the Center, browse all the issues of this newsletter, as well as view and perform keyword searches on the Center's publication list. All information is linked through hypertext, making it easy to find related topics or follow two-part news articles.

We invite Internet users to browse the Center's homepage. The Web group is also eager to have new information to add to the server, either as text or graphic documents provided by Center and program staff or as links to locations running other Web servers that would like to be accessible from the Center for Building Science page. Contact John Sadlier or Sam Webster for more information.

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John Sadlier
(510) 486-6496
[No longer responsible]

Sam Webster
(510) 486-4220

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