CBS Newsletter
Summer 1994
pg. 9

Visitors from Far and Wide

Dr. Fu Min Guan of Qing Dao Ocean University in China recently visited the Center to discuss the status of efficient lighting manufacturing and market penetration in China with members of the Energy Analysis Program and the Lighting Systems Group. Dr. Guan is also the director of marketing and engineering for Pacific Resource, Inc.'s China Lighting Division.

During a seminar on lighting in China, Dr. Guan noted that there is a large potential for growth in energy-efficient lighting. Of the three billion lamps manufactured in China last year, less than 2% are CFLs, and 90% are incandescents. He also discussed U.S.-China joint ventures and ways of promoting energy-efficient lighting in China through improved product quality and better consumer education.

Two recent visitors to the Simulation Research Group expressed an interest in establishing DOE-2 "resource centers." Prof. Roberto Lamberts in Brazil and Dr. Deo Prasad in Australia have agreed to be primary contacts for program users in their respective parts of the world. SRG has sent each resource center the new DOE-2.1E documentation and all back issues of DOE-2 User News. They will also receive new program documentation and LBL reports pertaining to DOE-2 when published. Program users can then arrange to get photocopies of the new material for a nominal cost. Dr. Prasad is also the distributor of the WINDOW 4.1 and FRAME programs. The SRG hopes to establish more resource centers in other countries. Interested readers can fax them at (510) 486-4089 or send email to Kathy Ellington.

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South America
Prof. Roberto Lamberts
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Campus Universitario-Trinidade
Cx. Postal 476
88049 Florianopolis SC
Telephone: (55) 482-31-9272
Fax: (55) 482-34-1524

Dr. Deo K. Prasad
University of New South Wales P.O. Box 1
Kensington, N.S.W. 2033
Telephone: (61) 02-662-2711
Fax: (61) 02-662-4265 or -1378

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