CBS Newsletter
Summer 1994
pg. 5

The Greening of Our House

(See also the Greening of the White House)

The White House isn't the only building in the U.S. working toward a greener future. LBL's in-house energy management group has been implementing energy-efficiency retrofits-ranging from motor drives to energy management and control systems to lighting-for years.

In our four-story building, what was once five and a half miles of fluorescent fixtures and 11 miles of lamps has just been retrofitted. Throughout most of the building, 1960s-style "luminous ceilings" have been replaced with reflective ceilings, below which hang new direct-indirect pendant luminaires equipped with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Where appropriate, occupancy sensors, local switching, and daylight sensors have been installed. Prototype thermal management strategies to improve light output and efficacy are being demonstrated in some offices (see CBS News, Winter 1993, p. 4).

According to the original design, the lighting load was about 7 watts per square foot. Delamping in the 1970s cut this roughly in half. The new retrofit reduces the load to 1.3 watts per square foot (over 90% savings as compared to the original system design). Adjusting for additional savings achieved by the controls, the effective power density will measure about 0.5 watts per square foot. In keeping with California law, the nearly 10,000 old lamps have been sent to mercury recovery facilities; the metal fixtures will also be recycled.

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