CBS Newsletter
Spring 1994
pg. 15

World Wide Web Information Servers

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory recently announced a gopher and World Wide Web site. To get to the web site, telnet to, login: www. Access is provided to LBL's gopher, library catalog, and publication list.

The Center is funding the implementation of a WWW network node for on-line access to publications, databases, and documents full of hypermedia links to other documents or information systems from the Energy & Environment Division. Full implementation is expected by May 1994, and will include access to a variety of information from all the research programs and centers.

The technology transfer project calls for this newsletter to be published on WWW using the Mosaic interface under development at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications. Mosaic is a high-end browser supported on all Macs, PCs running Windows, and Unix-based systems running X Windows.

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