CBS Newsletter
Winter 1993
pg. 1

Twenty Years of Energy and Environment

Susan Fallows Tierney

Susan Fallows Tierney, DOE's assistant secretary for policy, planning, and program evaluation, describes new planning initiatives at the E&E anniversary forum.

During a day of reminiscing and looking ahead, LBL's Energy & Environment Division-home of the Center for Building Science-celebrated its twentieth year on November 1. Established less than two weeks after the first OPEC oil embargo began in 1973, E&E was born into a world that was learning spectacular lessons about the effects of unrestrained energy consumption on the environment and the economy.

Guest speakers at the all-day anniversary forum included Susan Fallows Tierney, DOE's assistant secretary for policy, planning, and program evaluation; Jack Hollander, the Division's first director; Andy Sessler, former LBL director; Bob Budnitz, the Division's second director; Charles Shank, LBL's current director; and Paul Witherspoon, professor emeritus, Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, U.C. Berkeley. Fifteen former and current Division scientists and program directors, including Art Rosenfeld, the Center for Building Science's director, reminisced about the early years. Assistant secretary Tierney described DOE's current efforts to devise a framework supporting a strong energy future for America. Guest speakers-including Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza, technical secretary of Mexico's National Commission for Energy Efficiency; David Goldstein, energy program director, Natural Resources Defense Council; David Jhirad, senior energy advisor at the US Agency for International Development; Amory Lovins, director of research at the Rocky Mountain Institute (via videotape); and Susan Maxman, president of the American Institute of Architects-discussed the future of energy efficiency in California, the nation, and the world.

The speakers emphasized one message: with greenhouse-gas emissions a major environmental concern and energy demand rising, especially in developing nations, energy efficiency is once again a prominent player on the stage set by the OPEC oil embargo 20 years ago.

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