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Changes are coming to the electric grid, and in this issue of EETD News, you'll read about research that is helping to make some of those changes possible. The Environmental Energy Technologies Division and its many partners are developing technology to better measure the reliability of the distribution grid in near real time. Elsewhere in EETD, policy experts have assessed the impacts of the growth of rooftop solar on utilities.

New software is available for those who are designing and assessing the impacts of adding a microgrid to their generation resources. And we tell the story of how a new algorithm, developed by a team of EETD building researchers, for real-time fault detection and diagnostics, could help building operators diagnose problems in real time.

Also, don't miss the chance to learn about a new tool available for building commissioning in small commercial buildings, or our interview with EETD's William Miller, a long-time program manager at Pacific Gas and Electric, on how improving measurement and verification could vastly increase energy efficiency investment.

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—Allan Chen

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EETD News reports on research conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Environmental Energy Technologies Division, whose mission is to perform research and development leading to better energy technologies that reduce adverse energy-related environmental impacts. The Division's staff of nearly 400 conducts research on energy efficiency in buildings, indoor environmental quality, U.S. and international energy issues, and advanced energy technologies. The newsletter is published online once a quarter. For more information, contact Allan ChenAllan Chen, (510) 486-4210.

The Center for Building Science News was published between 1993 and 1998. It covered news of the Division's research in energy efficiency and buildings, the indoor environment, and energy analysis. You'll find all back issues, from Winter 1993 through Fall 1998, available here.